Hillcrest Assisted Living

The Care You Deserve

Rural Senior Living

Hillcrest Assisted Living in Columbia, MO offers clean and comfortable assisted living services. Our country setting sets us apart from other assisted living facilities. In keeping with our environment, we offer country-style meals and activities that take advantage of our rural surroundings. We encourage individualism, community, and overall good health. Visit our center in Columbia today. 

Integrated Environment

The country setting of Hillcrest Assisted Living is key to the fostering of community interaction and individualism. Our aim is to create a sense of family within the assisted living facility. We are dedicated to creating a fun and relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy. When you visit, we encourage you to sit back, relax, and put your feet up. You’ll see all of our residents doing just as they please, and that’s the way we like it! 

Beautiful and Relaxing

At Hillcrest Assisted Living, we've made sure our residents don't feel cooped up in our facility by providing a lovely country backdrop for them to bask in and enjoy. We offer indoor and outdoor activities to encourage socialization and health. We strive to make our facility an extension of the home you or your loved one has always known. 

Personalized Rooms

At Hillcrest Assisted Living, we modify all of our residents' rooms to meet their capabilities. This allows them to remain as independent as possible. We encourage our residents to personalize their already home-like room to increase their level of comfort and security. These are just some of the ways we make our center more than a standard assisted living facility. From the moment you walk in for your tour until the moment that you leave, you will see why we are different. Call us today or comes see us in Columbia for more details. 

Our Rates

Large Private Rooms With Private Bath
  • $3,100 per month

Large Private Room With Hall Bath 

  • $2,900.00 per month

Small-Private Rooms With Hall Bath 

  • $2,600.00 per month

Semi-Private Rooms With Hall Bath 

  • $1,995.00 per month
  • OR Sliding Scale Based on Income

*Federal and State programs are available to assist low income people.

Residents at the Garden